We work for YOU! So when it comes to our schedule, we try to maintain flexibility in order to accommodate our clients.  After each course below, you will see when we offer each session.  We are able to conduct sessions 7 days a week in order to fulfill special requests.  Therefore, if you see a session that you would like to attend, call us or fill out the Registration/Contact Form and tell us which class(es) you are interested in and when you can attend.  Most classes require 2 or more students. If your group is large enough to fill a class, we will work with you to honor dates YOU request. If you are solo, we can tentatively schedule you and attempt to fill the class.  If we can't, we will work with you to reschedule or refund your deposit.  So now there is NO excuse for you to NOT check sailing off of your bucket list.  Call us today! You won't regret it.

Sailing lessons and rates

Intro to sailing - $175/PERSON

When: Sessions generally held on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays from May through September.  If space permits, Intro students may attend the first day of the Basic Keelboat class starting on Saturdays and Wednesdays. Register here.

Recommended Free video: Click here to watch "Your First Sail" by the American Sailing Association.

This 6-hour session was designed for new or infrequent sailors and FAMILIES conducted aboard a Cal 24 sloop. During this session, the participant will be exposed to sailing nomenclature, parts of the boat, points of sail, Rules of the Road and more! This is NOT an intensive sailing course. Additional hours may be purchased contingent upon time, boat and captain availability. If there are 3 or more adults on the same reservation, you may deduct 10%.  Click here to view an informative video by the American Sailing Association which will prepare you for your first sailing experience.  If you add this session before or after your Basic Keelboat Class as a practice day, deduct 15%.  You may enroll as a single however, this session requires 2 or more paid students with a maximum of 4. We will notify you in advance if the minimum enrollment has not been met and refund your fee or reschedule you for another date.  See "Private Instruction" below for one student rate.


Private instruction - $70*/person/hour aboard the Beneteau 43,  $50*/person/hour aboard the cal 24' ,    $40*/person/hour on your boat

When:  Scheduled as requested. Contact us by clicking here.

For private instruction, you have the choice of the 24' or 43' sailboat, depending upon availability.  During your private instruction session, you choose the curriculum.  We can discuss your needs prior to your session to ensure that we meet or exceed your expectations.  Extended or overnight sessions are available.  We can provide a quote to you prior to commitment. One non-participating child or parent of student permitted for FREE! This session requires a minimum of 4 hours or if on your boat, a 6 hour minimum.


Basic keelboat (ASA101) - $490*/person

ASA Prerequisites: PRIOR to attending the class, we require that you view the video "​Your First Sail" and complete the online ASA101 quiz here. Please send completion acknowledgement or copy of certificate to info@blownawaysailing.com. 


           We attempt to satisfy special requests. Inquire about other dates by clicking here.

Textbook: Go to the online ASA Store to order "Sailing Made Easy" directly from ASA.

During this 2-day class, you will learn the parts of the boat and their function, sailing terms and nomenclature, parts of the sails, points of sail, Rules of the Road, safe boat handling and more.  An optional 3rd day to hone your sailing skills may be purchased at time of initial reservation, depending upon boat availability.  After your 2-day class, consider adding a 3rd day aboard the Cal 24 or Beneteau 43 (see Introductory sessions pricing above). In order to achieve ASA certification, students will be required to demonstrate sailing ability and pass a written examination.  

Basic Coastal cruising (ASA103) - $525*/person,  

ASA Prerequisites: Basic Keelboat ASA101


            We attempt to satisfy special requests for groups of 2 or more. Inquire about other dates by clicking here.

Textbook: Go to the online ASA Store to order "Coastal Cruising Made Easy' directly from ASA.

During this 2-day class, you will be given plenty of helm time and introduced to various commonly associated with larger cruising vessels.  We will discuss weather, hypothermia, safety while underway, man overboard recovery, anchoring techniques and more.  You will spend the evening aboard at the dock which will enhance your experience.  There you can enjoy an evening by the pool and partake in a beverage and meal at the Passages Bar and Grill. 

bareboat cruising (ASA104) - $790*/person

ASA Prerequisites: Basic Coastal Cruising ASA103



If the above dates are not convenient for you, feel free to contact us here as we also schedule on an "as requested" basis for groups of 2 or more.  It can be combined with an ASA101/ASA103 combo course!

Textbook: Go to the online ASA Store to order "Bareboat Cruising Made Easy" directly from ASA.

This 3-day, 2-night course will prepare the student for life aboard a 30-50 foot sailboat.  We will review boat systems, anchoring, docking, weather, proper use of the VHF radio, dinghy operation, basic course plotting and more.  Prior to departure, students will participate with the provisioning of boat.  You may register as a single however, this course requires a minimum of 2 students with a maximum of 4. We will notify you in advance if the minimum enrollment has not been met and will refund your fee or reschedule you for another time.

Basic Coastal & Bareboat Cruising Combined (ASA103/104) - $1100*/person

ASA Prerequisites:  Basic Keelboat ASA101


Textbook: Go to the online ASA Store to order "Bareboat Cruising Made Easy" directly from ASA.

This 5-day, 4 night course combines all the topics normally covered in the separate ASA103 and ASA104 courses.  The days will be spent on the water learning and practicing new skills.  Evenings will be spent at anchor and possibly in a slip to allow for time ashore, depending on the students' collective preferences.  Slip fees are paid by the students.  Provisioning will be done on day one as a group. This course is a great way to learn about the "ins and outs" of local anchorages which will prepare you for your future bareboat chartering experience on the Chesapeake Bay!  We have classes starting on Saturdays and Mondays.  Call for details.  

Coastal Navigation (ASA105)

ASA Prerequisites: None

Textbook and Course Materials: Go the the online ASA Store to order course materials. Parallel rules, dividers and calculator are also required.​ may be scheduled as needed. Contact us for more information. The fee for the exam and ASA certification only is $195.  This is for those who chose the home study method.  You may order the ASA105 Textbook and kit by clicking here.  

Advanced coastal cruising (ASA106) - $1299*/person

ASA Prerequisites: ASA101,103,104,105

When:  Please call us or click here to inquire.

Textbook: Go to the online ASA Store and order  "The Annapolis Book of Seamanship".

Learn the skills necessary to safely operate a sailing vessel 30 to 50 feet in length in any conditions.  On Day 1 we will plan and provision for a 3-day journey on the bay.  In the morning of Day 2 we will depart Rock Hall and head for Norfolk, Virginia, approximately 150 nautical miles to the south.  This leg of our trip will be overnight, non-stop and will require each of the crew members to take watch.  We will spend the remainder of Day 3 and the evening in Norfolk.  On the morning of Day 4 will head for Rock Hall with an overnight stop along the way.  This will be a most memorable experience for sure!

* Credit cards and personal checks are accepted.  For charters, a 25% deposit is due at time of reservation. The remaining balance is due 30 days before the date of the session/class/charter.  The date of the reservation will be made available to the public until remaining balances are paid in full.  For classes, full payment is requested at time of registration. All fees are non-refundable unless the session is threatened by a storm designated by name by the National Hurricane Center.  In this case, all fees will be refunded.  Travel insurance is recommended.  In the absence of a named hurricane or tropical storm, all sessions will continue as scheduled unless the captain deems conditions too unsafe to proceed.

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Veterans, Active-duty military, EMS & Firefighters and police receive a 5% discount on all sailing classes and 10% off captained charters!